5 reasons why you’re going to love the new Dia Sparkler

For so many of us, the sweet Dia wine was our gateway to the world of wine—our introduction to fine wine. Now, Sula has reimagined the iconic wine—it is available in a can. Dia Sparkler is India’s first wine in a can, and here’s why you should cheer for it:

-No fuss, no muss
A can means it is fuss-free and drama-free. You don’t need to be extra-careful handling it, like you would if you’re handling a glass bottle.

– No complicated opening mechanism
You don’t need to scramble to find a cork-screw to open a can. Where DID you exactly keep it after the last party?

– Easy to fit in your fridge
It’s not going to take up premium real estate in your fridge. You can easily pop a few in the fridge before a big party.

– It’s super convenient
You don’t have to even serve this wine in glasses for your guests. You can just carry and crack right from the fridge.

– It tastes great
Whether you are talking about the red Dia Sparkler or the white one, it’s bound to be an absolute hit with everyone because it’s sweet, bubbly and doesn’t have a high alcohol content.

Dia Sparkler is available in stores (INR 180 for a 330ml can of red or white wine)

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