5 super simple hacks to up your beauty game this Diwali Advertisement

5 super simple hacks to up your beauty game this Diwali

We’ve got your back!

By ELLE team  October 28th, 2016

Festive season is upon us and the stress of finding the perfect dress and gifts may take a toll on your beauty regime. Fret not; we’ve rounded up some easy breezy hacks for you to follow to shine this Diwali!

Repeat after us – Water is your best friend. Staying hydrated is very important, especially with all the running around that is a Diwali party mandate.

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Give your skin some TLC by detoxing a week before the festive frenzy starts. Eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies and your skin is sure to glow (and the ‘likes’ are sure to rack up!) by the end of it.

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Spritz your hairbrush with a little perfume and run it through your hair. This will leave your hair with a light and pleasant scent throughout the day.

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We understand that there might not be enough time to give for a proper manicure while getting ready for The Party. Just dunk your freshly painted nails in cold water for a few minutes and your nail polish will be dry.

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SMILE! Your smile is your most beautiful asset and it can light up a room. While the right dress and accessories are really important, your smile can make or break your look. Look after your teeth with Colgate Visible White to make sure you are at your dazzling best this Diwali. Still need more inspiration? Take a cue from the gorgeous Sonam Kapoor in this video: