5 surprising ways to use your moisturiser

As a face mask
When you are out of sheet masks, make your moisturiser work twice as hard for that shot of hydration. Slather your favourite face cream in thick layers and wrap your face in cling film (it’s a good idea to make yourself a breathing hole). It’ll create heat and basically force-feed your skin with all the creamy goodness. Take it off after 20 minutes and wipe off the excess with a warm towel.

As a scrub
This is a great trick when you forget to pack an exfoliator for a beach vacation. Mix brown sugar, coffee grinds or your favourite scrubby thing with a small dollop of your moisturiser and massage away. Not only will this slough away the dead cells, it will also leave your skin smooth and hydrated.

As a lip balm
If it’s good enough for your face, it’s definitely going to help your chapped lips. Apply a small dot of your face oil or cream over your mouth and seal it in with a little Vaseline. It’ll make you give up on chapsticks forever.

As a mild face cleanser
Cold cream is hands-down one of the most gentle make-up removers, especially on the eyes. Apply any thick face cream or lotion on your face and wipe it off with a cotton pad. It takes care of all the grime minus the stingy after-effects.

As a highlighter
A good face lotion is the real trick to cheat the lit-from-within-glow. Add a little blush or bronzer to your face cream and dab it along the cheekbone for subtle highlights. 

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