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5 talking points from Chanel’s Métiers d’Art show

Everything you need to know about the pre-fall 2016 show

Chanel’s Métiers d’Art show was part-cinema-inspired and very Roman holiday-esque. Fittingly, it was held at the legendary Cinecittà film studios, which played a key role in the revival of Italian cinema. Like with every Chanel presentation, there was meticulous attention to detail, grand sets and star-studded front rows.

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Here’s five things that sent social media in a tizzy:

1. Paris came to Rome

Karl Lagerfeld recreated the streets of Paris in Rome. The elaborately-detailed set resembled a Parisian street – dotted with cheese shops, boulangerie, oyster bars and a cinema. 

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2. The film within the film 

The evening kicked off with the screening of Karl Lagerfeld’s new short film, Once And Forever. It’s a film within a film of sorts, which imagines what goes down behind the scenes of a biopic on Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel. It stars Kristen Stewart as a young, feisty Coco Chanel and Geraldine Chaplin plays the designer in her later years. Watch it here:


3. Now rolling

Chanel delivered the new statement bag. The vintage camera-like acrylic sling has already received plenty of attention on Instagram.

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4. Bella Hadid marked a first

American model Bella Hadid did her first turn on the Chanel runway.  

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4. Lace, beads and monochrome

The Pre-fall 2016 collection had a sexy vibe. Lingerie-like lace was employed to make what Lagerfeld now calls “arm-stockings” – gloves cut at the fingers. Jumpers and capes were decked in beads. Plus, there was plenty of monochrome.    

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5. The look

The make-up focused on the eyes, thick and smudged with kohl. The hairstyles were ’60s-inspired, with Bardot beehives and messy mops making an appearance.

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