5 things we found out about Parineeti Chopra

In a previous interview with ELLE, Parineeti Chopra had said that she doesn’t like being called bubbly and also informed us of her trick to keeping her body in shape. This time around, at the launch of the Daniel Wellington watch showroom in Mumbai, the actress dishes on why her “bubbly” personality doesn’t belong at parties and what has changed with her fitness routine. 

5 things you didn’t know about Parineeti Chopra:

She’s always on time. Yes, that’s right Parineeti Chopra is so punctual her friends call her Punctual-i-neeti. It’s a terrible pet name for someone who doesn’t make their friends wait, but it’s true.

Parineeti’s go-to look is as easy as 1-2-3. The actress grabs three things on her way out the door — an oversized jacket or sweatshirt, tights and sneakers.

A strange choice, but if offered the chance to raid anybody’s wardrobe in world, Parineeti would be sneaking into Anushka Sharma’s. “I like how she dresses” she puts it bluntly.

Even though she’s been open about her fitness journey, Parineeti admits there are days when she doesn’t work out and just relies solely on her diet. But these days in preparing for Namaste England, the actress has turned to yoga coupled with “eating really healthy”.

And finally, if you can believe it, the bubbly actress claims that she isn’t a great guest at parties. But if she’s forced to attend one, her plan of action begins with asking “Where’s the exit?”


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