5 Times Mindy Kaling Proved She’s Our Go-To For All Things Fashion

From not only playing memorable characters in shows like The Office and The Mindy Project but also writing and producing them, Mindy Kaling has proven to be a multi-talented celebrity in Hollywood. But today, we’re here to talk about something she’s quite underrated for, that is, her sense of style. The star has developed an individual aesthetic that not only matches her endearing personality but also brings a freshness to it for everyone to take inspiration from. Whether she’s dressing to impress or dressing for herself, Mindy always brings her A-game with her looks. On her birthday today, we give you proof of five times she has given us fashion lessons and been the ultimate style queen.

1. When Her Silhouettes Were As Flattering As Her

One glance at the star’s Instagram, and you know she plays a lot with classics and knows what works best for her body. Pleated A-line dresses and skirts, along with bodycon outfits with ruffles, puff sleeves, and unique cuts, have become the actress’ go-to, making it her signature style. And there’s no doubt she pulls them off. So if you need help styling these outfits, you know who to turn to. 


2. The Times When She Paired Her Colours Well

Be it a red carpet event or a casual day in her at-home garden, Mindy isn’t afraid of wearing bright shades. From colour-coordinating to colour-blocking, she’s on point with them all. Let the star show you how to go about styling monochrome outfits and bold tones.


3. When Her Prints Did All The Talking 

One often tends to play it safe with prints but not Mindy. Donning bold and striking printed outfits on multiple occasions, her knowledge of colour pairing can be seen with these looks too.


4. When She Means Business

If you’re wondering how to give your formals an edge over the rest, trust the celebrity to give you some lessons.


5. But Also Knows How To Keep It Fun And Quirky

During the quarantine phase last year, we saw a rather fun, quirky side of Mindy. While everyone settled in their PJs, Mindy kept herself (and us) entertained with fashion-forward looks. Whether it was posing on her stairs while commuting to her room, or giving a fashionable spin to her loungewear, or simply dressing up to feel good and beat the lockdown blues, the actress definitely showed us a more playful side when it came to her sense of style, and we’re here for it. Scroll through for a glimpse of our favourite looks.

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