5 times Sonam Kapoor trashed beauty rules Advertisement

5 times Sonam Kapoor trashed beauty rules

You’ve got to try it too!

By Mamta Mody  July 5th, 2016

Beauty rules exist for a reason: like wear your concealer before foundation, always always take off all make-up before going to bed and make a smokey eye a little messy. But make-up isn’t fun until you take a few risks and break a few commandments. Take a cue from Sonam Kapoor who’s an ace at pushing boundaries (or completely ignoring them) and start your own rebellion.


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The rule: Don’t do bold eyes and bright lips.

How she did it: This is a tricky prospect if you don’t know colours (green shadow will never go with red lips). Sonam strikes that balance with graphic eyeliner, gold shadow and a pop lip colour.


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The rule: Coloured eyeliners belong in the ’80s.

How she did it: It’s all about using a complementary shade and exercising control. To get the look make-up artist Namrata Soni actually used a pink lip pencil along Sonam’s upper lashes and then finished it with just a hint of yellow shadow at the tear duct.


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The rule: Don’t be matchy-matchy

How she did it: It worked because Sonam chose to complement a gleaming Rimzim Dadu sari with subtle, precise accents like a thin blue eyeliner and pastel nails. (You can try the look with coloured mascara too)


A photo posted by sonamkapoor (@sonamkapoor) on Jan 27, 2016 at 3:08am PST

The rule: Dark lipstick is ageing.

How she did it: The trick is to find a lip shade that flatters your skin tone, not one that makes you look Morticia Addams. Brush some blush or bronzer along the hollow of your cheeks to bring some more warmth to your face. (We’ve got some tips to cheat that glow)


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The rule: Never leave home with greasy hair.

How she did it: Your second (or even third) day hair has more control, texture, shine and umm moisture than freshly washed hair. So instead of reaching out for the dry shampoo it’s the best time to try a tricky updo or even a hun. (Here’s some more messy hair style inspo)

Which Sonam Kapoor look gets your vote? 


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