5 tips to run an extra mile

Over the past weeks, we learnt how to run right  and build stronger legs (hello, calf muscles), but if your aim is to run the half marathon (remember this?) then you’ve got to start going the distance. Week three is the right time to make sure you can continue running more than twenty minutes without running out of breath. Once you’ve crossed this bridge, there’s nothing really stopping you.

Here are our running coach and Adidas’ Running Club (Mumbai) captain, Ayesha Billimoria’s top 5 tips:

– Start by breaking down your long run into several intervals. Run for a kilometre then take a short walk break to recover your breath before you run again. Gradually take fewer breaks and at longer intervals. 

– Do not obsess about timing yet. The only thing worth tracking is the time spent on your run, which should increase by no more than 10 per cent every week. Putting in an hour of ‘time on feet’ should be your target this weel.

– Concentrate on your pace instead. Don’t burst out fast and fizzle out quickly. The key to running well is to finish strong. Try to set up the right pace to finish a half-marathon while you’re training.

– If long distances seem monotonous get a running buddy or sign up for a free running app like the Adidas Train & Run.

– Don’t forget to stretch your fatigues muscles immediately after a run. And remember, your body is one unit so it’s just as important to stretch your shoulders, back and abdomen. 

Try these at home: 

A video posted by Fit Girl india

A video posted by Fit Girl india

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