5 perfumes that make the perfect travel buddy Advertisement

5 perfumes that make the perfect travel buddy

Leak proof, compact and more necessary than in-flight peanuts

By Shivani Joshi  September 4th, 2017

Have you been a victim to loosing your favourite fragrance at the airport’s security check because your perfume was not a TSA approved size? Most of us have unfortunately at some point in our life had to leave our long loved fragrance at the airport bin because they were above 100ml. Thankfully we now have many of our liked fragrances in the TSA approved travel friendly sizes, which means no more fearing separation from our favourite perfumes while going on-board. These bottles are as appealing as their original counterparts smell and yet are more chic and stylish. Brands like Byredo has travel perfume bottle that is in the shape of a paint brush inspired by Japanese theatre art form Kabuki to Chanel perfumes that come in shimmery gels. Easy to carry and totally mess free. 

Travel friendly perfumes:

Byredo, Rs 2,883

This fragrance is inspired from Japanese theatre: Kabuki. The brush design of the perfume is taken from the make-up brushes used on actors for Kabuki. The brush is ultra soft, lightly dust it on your skin to leaving traces of their best selling fragrance, the way perfume was intended to linger. The innovative brush design it also contains no liquid. This allows you to travel mess free and smelling luxurious through out your travel. 

You can get it here

Diptyque, Rs 2,563

The Paris perfumer brand had Collection Voyage which comes in an oval-shaped, black bakelite case  that has a magnetised cap for a tighter leak proof hold. Talk about travel convenience. Diptyque has its signature logo engraved on the top which is perfect because the bottles are refillable.

You can get it here


Elizabeth and James Nirvana, Rs 3,075

The Olsen Twins’ brand launched these solid perfumes after a response to their black and white unisex fragrances. For convenient travelling the fragrance was solidified in compact form. The scent is cased in a sleek gold and white or black hard cover with a mirror on the inside. It is sleek, weightless and perfect for slipping into your makeup bag.

You can get it here


Chanel, Rs 4,485

Chanel aims to be your signature scent and they're not just happy with an on ground takeover, they're now looking to the skies. Chanel Chance got three new moods and a new consistency in the form of their shimmering scented gel trio. The limited edition, three pot set comes at 5gms each, perfect for when you need an in flight touch up and a bit of sparkle.

You can get it here


Le Labo, Rs 5,895

The Santal 33 fragrance comes in a metal object with a scented filling in solid wax, not unlike your favourite lip balm.  The wax consistency makes the unisex fragrance last longer on the body. It's tiny enough to carry around in your pocket and naturally is leak proof. 

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