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5 ways to detox at home

Take a break from social media, clear your desk, and clear your mind – doesn't it sound nice?

By Anjan Sachar  January 22nd, 2016


We could all use a life cleanse from time to time. The need to Snapchat every single detail of our day or the non-stop binge eating will get the best of us someday.

Digital Detox

The urge to check and refresh the Facebook tab on your browser every once in a while is almost uncontrollable. Anti-Social ($15) is a web-plugin that allows you to block websites, social media pop-ups and advertisements from your browser for a preferred time span. You could reboot your computer and reset the app if you really need to see your old flame’s hot new girlfriend, but who even has the time for that? Anti-social.cc

Health Detox

Rawking, a Delhi-based clean eating venture, has a variety of juice cleanse plans which are ideal for after party-heavy weeks. However, if you can’t go through the day on liquids alone, they even offer plans which are a mix of juices and wholesome sprout salads to keep the hunger pangs at bay. They even have cool names for their juices like Samurai, Ninja, Olympian and Midas. Single day cleanses are priced Rs 999 onwards. Rawking.in

Desk Detox

An organised work space is an absolute essential. Peter Walsh, an expert in organisational design suggests colour-coding everything on your desk – it’s easier to remember that your invoice file for this month has a blue tag, while those from last month are in pink. Productivity expert Graham Allcott believes in having a small section devoted to everything ‘new’ that comes to your desk – documents, bill, receipts. It’ll avoid your entire desk from drowning in paperwork. Theo Theobald, author of Detox Your Desk: Declutter Your Life And Mind lets you start small – make a single organised change every day and eventually you’ll have a clear desk without even realising it.

Spiritual Detox

Give your mind a break with The Meditation Podcast, a free series of podcasts that use binaural beats to relax your brainwaves and calm your mind. Themeditationpodcast.com

Wardrobe Detox

We’re all guilty of hoarding clothes from back in the day. I’ve had a loose grey tee in my wardrobe since 2008 and it’s gone everywhere with me – from university overseas to my first job back home. Getting rid of your clothing is more an emotional process than physical: Will I wear this again? But won’t it go well with that other skirt I last wore three years ago? If you haven’t sifted through your clothes in the past year or more, it’s time. YouTube star vlogger Ingrid Nilsen shows you how to sort your closet, one old tee at a time: