5 ways to transform your skincare ritual with Probiotics

Dealing with pollution on a daily basis takes a toll on your skin’s health as the dirt particles accumulate on your skin, clog the pores and result in acne breakouts and dullness. No matter how often you wash your face, the constant exposure to pollution may feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. This is why you need a pro to fight all the skin woes and win over them. Lotus Herbals Probrite, India’s first Probiotic skincare range proves to be your skin’s saviour at all times. Its unique formula contains a probiotic active complex which is made out of Lactococcus Ferment Lysate (aka friendly, good bacteria) and rare sakura extracts. It strengthens your skin’s barrier and works hard to give you an even tone and a natural glow. Just the way good bacteria gives your gut and health an overall boost, the probiotic infused skincare dials down the inflammation caused by environmental aggressors.

Here’s everything you need to revamp your skincare routine with probiotics:



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Lotus Herbals PROBRITE Illuminating Radiance Cleansing Foam












Add this gentle, clear face wash to your morning and night-time skincare ritual to get rid of the grime and excess oil that gets accumulated on the face. The best part? It suits all skin types.

Lotus Herbals PROBRITE Illuminating Radiance Serum+Crème 

Take two pumps of the serum, warm it up between your palms and gently apply it on your skin to give a boost of hydration. This potent, powerful formula fights the effects of pollution and gets absorbed into the deepest layers of your skin to improve its glow.

Lotus Herbals PROBRITE Illuminating Radiance Crème

Get glowing for the day with this all-rounder that acts as a sunscreen, moisturiser and an illuminating base for your make-up. It has SPF 20 that acts as an invisible shield against UVA and UVB rays, preventing dullness and sun spots. It also strengthens your skin’s natural barrier to avert the harmful effects of city pollution.



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Lotus Herbals PROBRITE Illuminating Radiance Night Crème 

For even application, dot this creamy formula on your face and then massage it in. The probiotics in this formula work hard to restore skin’s nutrients, giving you that bright, lit-from-within glow.

Lotus Herbals PROBRITE Illuminating Radiance Sleeping Mask

To end your day on the right note, pamper your skin well before you sleep. All you have to do is scoop out the sleeping mask and apply a generous amount on your face. Think of it as a dose of probiotics that will detoxify your skin and deliver nutrients overnight, making sure you wake up with a dewy glow.

That’s all! Follow these 5 simple steps to treat your skin right with Probrite. Get your hands on this probiotic skincare, today.

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