50 facts you didn’t know about ‘Sex and the City’

I couldn’t help but wonder, will we ever get tired of Carrie Bradshaw and her gang of girls? With Sex and the City 3 rumours swirling around longer than the list of men Samantha slept with, we decided to honour our nostalgic selves and tap into a behind-the-scenes investigation of the iconic show. 

For example, did you know that Carrie was originally supposed to be brunette. And that Carrie would never have ended up with Mr Big if it wasn’t for Sex and The City creator Candace Bushnell’s mother, who always preferred the unpredictable businessman over solid, loveable Aidan.   

From nudity clauses to rumoured feuds, you’ll find 50 surprising tidbits you never knew about Sex and the City.

50 facts you didn’t know about Sex and the City:

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 From : ELLE USA


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