6 bizarrely cool lipstick tutorials that will give you literally any lip shape you want

If you’ve ever watched a Kim Kardashian makeup tutorial, you know the magic that is contouring. A few swipes of a bronzer and highlighter can give you Gisele cheekbones or a Rihanna jawline, and some strategically placed lip liner and concealer can leave you with ultra-plump, or super-thinned, lips.

Of course, in an ideal world, we would all deeply love ourselves and accept every one of our body insecurities, no matter how big or small, and live out the rest of our years in a happy, anxiety-free oasis. But this is real life, and sometimes, you want to play with your lip shape.

And that’s where makeup (and YouTube) comes in. So if you’re feeling extra adventurous today and have a few extra minutes—and levels of patience—to make some magic, check out these ridiculously easy lip tutorials and test out the contouring wizardry yourself.

1. If You Want Straight-Up Bigger Lips…

[ResponsiveYoutubeIframe Link=”MqhH6kaFOEU” AspectRatio=”embed-responsive-16by9″ Autoplay=”0″]

2. If You Want to Make Your Lips Look Thinner...

[ResponsiveYoutubeIframe Link=”WmZYwInW4Z0″ AspectRatio=”embed-responsive-16by9″ Autoplay=”0″]

3. If You’re Going for a Plump, Pillow-y Look…

[ResponsiveYoutubeIframe Link=”cmL3Td6uJ-g” AspectRatio=”embed-responsive-16by9″ Autoplay=”0″]

4. If You Want to Subtly Amp Up Your Natural Lip Colour…

[ResponsiveYoutubeIframe Link=”qUmgd_hqq-U” AspectRatio=”embed-responsive-16by9″ Autoplay=”0″]

5. If You’re Just Trying to Add a Defined Shape to Your Lips…

[ResponsiveYoutubeIframe Link=”7s0wZQRbqyQ” AspectRatio=”embed-responsive-16by9″ Autoplay=”0″]

6. If You Want to Lightly Fill Out Your Bottom Lip…

[ResponsiveYoutubeIframe Link=”k_pfa7zvBNI” AspectRatio=”embed-responsive-16by9″ Autoplay=”0″]


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