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6 Celebrity Couples That Borrow Each Other’s Style From Time To Time

It's Travis and Kourtney's punk-rock with a dose of vampire style for me

By Ruman Baig  July 3rd, 2021

Have you ever noticed that when you start a new relationship, you tend to imitate not just your partner’s habits but also their personal style? I remember dating someone who was super into sporty clothing, and the next thing I know, my closet was full of numbered jerseys and joggers. Celebrity couples, they’re just like us, but with private jets and luxury labels.

Take Kourtney Kardashian, for instance; the 42-year-old reality star hasn’t worn as much black in her entire TV career as she has ever since she started seeing Blink-182’s drummer Travis Barker. The couple doesn’t shy away from PDA, and they are often sighted in their signature grunge looks post their Disney Land and Nobu Malibu dates. Besides these new love birds, there’s a whole list of other celebrity couples who have morphed into each other sartorially while being romantically involved.

1. Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly 

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Sure, you’re cool but are you Meghan Fox matching with Machine Gun Kelly’s tongue cool? The couple has been the talk of the town ever since they made their relationship public in June 2020. MGK met Megan on a movie set that later got shut down, but that became the starting point of their relationship. The duo is often found coordinating their looks but never exactly twinning. From their red carpet appearances to their post-concert backstage hangs, Gun-Kelly and Fox always take elements out of each other’s outfits and wear them like their own.

2. Rihanna and ASAP Rocky 

Celebrity Couples

Rihanna finally found her twin soul in ASAP Rocky, someone who is as musically and fashionably inclined as she is. Also, I am pretty sure they both have a detailed skincare routine they exchange notes about. For their first official outing as a couple, ASAP rocked a magenta cable-knit vest with leather pants, and the Fenty mogul looked majestic in a bubblegum pink slip dress, matching fluffy bucket hat and an oversized leather jacket, courtesy of her new boyfriend.

3. Hailey And Justin Bieber 

The Biebers have become known for their versatile style game. When they’re in Los Angeles, you often see them putting their California-chic aesthetic on the forefront, which is majorly just oversized athleisure with the latest runway accessories. This is when you see more of Justin’s personal vibe in their couple’s style, but when they are overseas, the supermodel in Hailey takes over, and you can see them dial-up to classy real quick. Whether they’re hitting the street’s of New York or Paris, the tailored suits, fitted dresses in harmonised colour palettes come into play.

4. Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas 

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas aren’t your conventionally matchy-matchy couple, but you can see their fashion sense has merged into one over the last couple of years. Before they became an item, Nick was your true-blue sweatshirt and varsity jacket kind of guy, but that completely changed when Priyanka entered the game. Now you see him complimenting her trademark tone-on-tone dressing with his own coordinated looks. On holidays, the global icon likes experimenting with flirty frills and printed dresses, and you can always spot her husband levelling up with her in similar Hawaiian dad shirts.

5. Camila Cabello And Shawn Mendes 

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes may not be known for their individual styles, but they are always in sync when they are together. They are the couple that reminds you of a country-side rom-com starring two people who make music on the farm and enjoy the carnivals in their cute little sweatshirts. You can often see them wearing each other’s hoodies, jackets and t-shirts while doing grocery and coffee runs, which makes their homely yet comfortable style the most relatable.

6. Kourtney Kardashian And Travis Barker 

Last but definitely not least, Travis and Kourtney’s scorching romance have taken over the internet for a while now. Kourtney is now living her teenage-rebellion phase as she travels like a groupie with her rockstar boyfriend, Travis. Matching flannel shirts, leather separates, cropped tank tops and oversized graphic t-shirts (of course) all in black has been their coinciding wardrobes. The clean beauty and wellness queen has pivoted from her less-is-more taste to a darker and more punk side. Talk about rubbing off on each other (literally). Their Instagram is full of such NSFW images and videos, which can attest to this.