6 fashion trends of 2018 that should not exist Advertisement

6 fashion trends of 2018 that should not exist

Fashion sense over common sense?

By Sruthi Ravinder  July 20th, 2018

When it comes to fashion trends of 2018, there’s the good, the bad and the ugly. While we’re slowly coming around to the idea of PVC accessories and holographic jeans, there are the other trends that are really pushing our sartorial tolerance too far. Fashion is doing everything it can to not become too mainstream, and it isn’t turning out very well. 

Yes, experimenting and innovation is important. But how far is too far? Upside-down denim, Crocs heels, fanny packs…was this a good year for fashion? Here’s a list of fashion trends of 2018 that are making us think otherwise. 

Weird fashion trends of 2018 we’re cynical about

Upside down denims

Denim is a versatile category to experiment with. But turning the whole thing upside down, literally, is this odd and entirely unnecessary pair of jeans. Very "Stranger Things". There's just a lot of explaining these inverted pants have to do. Like for starters, how do the pockets work? 

Chunky designer sneakers

Adding to our shoe-related reservations, it seems fashion isn't getting enough of chunky orthopedic-looking sneakers. There has to be a reason why more and more luxury brands are launching their versions of these, following in the footsteps of Balenciaga and Prada to name a few. 

Balenciaga high heels crocs

Well, this pair of heels is sure to make a ten-year-old girl very happy, even if she won't be allowed to wear them. Balenciaga's new Crocs-inspired stilettos look like they were constructed using parts leftover from Barbie's dream house. On the bright side (could there be one?) they are waterproof...

Fanny packs

Though everyone from Kim Kardashian West to Deepika Padukone has been spotted carrying a fanny pack, we're still unsure about this comeback. It's tough not to look like a tourist with a pouch hanging at your waist. Like these weren't bad enough, Nike's making pool slides out of them too.



Pool Slides

We don't exactly have a problem with pool slides. No. But we are a little disturbed on the way they're being worn. Justin Bebeier is walking around wearing them with socks while Jhanvi Kapoor pairs it with her lehenga. And believe it or not, these looks have become a trend. Comfort over fashion...Maybe. 

Bicycle shorts

Okay, we thought of ignoring this one. But Kim Kardashian just wore it to the red carpet. Was bicycle shorts ever in fashion? First it was the sweatpants to work place and now bike shorts to fashion events. What's next?