6 Fitness And Wellness Trends That Will Revolutionise 2021

Chances are you’ve been online since the beginning of 2021, and you’ve already sworn off the news and sank into lazy WFH routines as gym remains restricted. Whilst the world keeps hurdling into more chaos, there is little that we can control. If there is one thing, you have power over, it’s your health and fitness routine.

Rather than repeatedly making excuses around your now failed “being healthy” resolutions, it’s time to get up and fight that fatigue. Afterall last year’s lesson rings loud in our heads – your body is a temple and should be treated likewise. To combat those unhealthy blues, we have rounded up the fitness trends gaining momentum and will revolutionise your 2021 #fitnessgoals.

1. HIIT It!

Often, we invest hours on the treadmill only to feel exhausted, sans appropriate calorie burns. High-intensity interval training or HIIT is the holy grail of health quickies that will burn fat long after you’ve finished. An amalgamation of high-intensity exercise will increase your heart rate with periods of rest work efficiently to yield results in a shorter yet productive session. Basically, less is more, here!



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2. Living It Up

 The pandemic forced us into a vacuum of our living room, aka in the house bored. Your living room works as your bedroom, dining room, living room, gym – aka every room. If you’re denying this, stop because you know you’re guilty of it. WFH culture spoiled physical activity for many, and that’s when a yoga mat in your living room came to the rescue. Thanks to YouTube workout videos, indoor exercise is easier, safer, and streamlined in corona’s troubling times. Business at the top half and yoga/cardio at the bottom is the no brainer trend you need for your own good.



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3. Into The Wild 

Outdoor workouts have become the way of life, and we have cabin fever to thank (for everyone who can no longer stay within four walls thanks to lockdowns). A breath of fresh air isn’t just great for your claustrophobic anxiety but also gives you a sweet endorphin release at the end. So essentially, walk that walk and feel that burn.



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4. Virtual Sesh

Among other models, Ashley Graham paved the way for virtual gym sessions, kickstarting the we-are-all-in-this-together exercise trend. Working out in a home gym is convenient (if you have one), but not having one shouldn’t stop you. All you need are a few dumbbells, a yoga mat and some resistance bands for a killer glute session. Virtual competitive sessions will also keep the exercises regular and fun, pushing the user to do better and feel like a part of a team. 



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5. Digitally Driven

The present and future are phygital. It doesn’t matter if you’re running on the treadmill, lifting dumbbells or meditating. One thing is crucial; all athletes have now shifted from tête à tête to a cybernated sphere with wearable tech. From tracking body progress and gaining insights into workouts, the data is being used to customise what works individually for better and quicker transformations. Be it Apple watches, personal trainer apps, Nike Training Club aka NTC or Fitbits, these aren’t just sassy technology anymore – they are a lifestyle.



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6. It’s All In The Mind

After a year of loneliness, the anti-social lifestyle has forced mental health discussions. A growth in meditation and mindfulness exercises will only escalate from here on as we settle further in what seems like a long haul of WFH culture. Addressing the concerns of depression through online therapy sessions have only spiked in the lockdowns – finally opening up about the once-taboo issue. Be it celebrities opening about mental health struggles or their depiction in pop culture, the conversation has now opened and made accessible IRL. At least something good came out of 2020!



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