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6 fun Halloween make-up tutorials

Out of ideas? These will help

By Sahil Singh  October 27th, 2015

Halloween is a troubling time. You want a clever look that says I-made-an-effort, but you also don’t want a gaping hole in your pocket. Besides, if you’re reading this it might already be too late to get a major costume – just get resourceful with make-up. 

The right-out-of-a-comic look by Claire Dim.
If it’s good enough for a carnival, it’s good enough for Halloween. Blood and gore are so overrated.

The glitter-zipper-face by Lisa Potter-Dixon.
It’s no secret that she loves glitter. But if you’re going with this one, it helps if you’re not all butterfingers.   

The very picture of Sadness (from Disney Pixar’s Inside Out) by Kate Sketch:
Half-way through the look you might feel like you’ll pass off as a zombie, but quitting now would be a sad cop out. Go the whole hog, really. The wig helps.    

The ‘Midnight Mystery’ by Elton Fernandez:
When you want to keep it fun but not too fantastical, just reach for all things blue in your make-up kit. 

The Barbie by Michelle Phan:
Perfectly prim, but it takes some doing. 

The wild Bellatrix Lestrange by Brizzy Voices:
It’s not original, but hey this is a Halloween staple for every Potterhead.