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6 typical comments on this video

It’s time to feel bad about humanity

By Deepa Menon  February 3rd, 2015


On January 31, a video went up on YouTube that showed a man on an Indigo flight, his hand covering his face as the videographer berated him for touching her inappropriately. The clip was widely shared on social media with the overall narrative being the girl was brave to stand up to this harassment, quite routine on public transport in India. As the story went viral, comments poured in and other points of view emerged. Below is a sampling of the most typical reactions to this news story, culled from YouTube and Firstpost.

Typical comment #1: ‘People are the worst.’

 People are the worst

Typical comment #2: ‘I don’t like this girl’s attitude.’ aka ‘What about the Rohtak sisters?’


Typical comment #3: Godwin’s Law adapted for Modi


Typical comment #4: ‘He doesn’t look like a perv.’

 didnt look like a perv

Typical comment #5: The conspiracy theory


Typical comment #6: Staying on point