6 Ways Everyone Will Be Wearing The Glitter Trend In 2021

The glitter trend isn’t a fresh one, but its comeback has undoubtedly come in ways we’ve never seen before. Glittery eyeshadows are draped, bedazzled makeup has gone mainstream, and glitter body art is an everyday thing. The modern glitter beauty elements are being picked directly from runway glam but slightly toned-down and wearable. So if you wish to experiment with glitter, here are 6 styles to take inspiration from.

1. Mane Glitter


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Glitter accents can add an element of fun to a sleek, smart hairdo. Pick bulky glitter pieces so that they don’t look like dry skin flakes on your scalp. This also means that grey or white glitter is a big no-no; however, silver glitter can be used if you pair it with a shimmer hair gel to create a glossy look.

Pro Tip: Stock up on biodegradable glitter to avoid damaging your hair while trying out new styles.

2. Bright-Eyed


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Gemstones, beads and diamante can also be used to create a stunning makeup look. Use skin-safe makeup glue to outline the shape in which you want the eye makeup to be. Use a tweezer to carefully place your bedazzlement on your eye; steer clear of the sensitive lower eye area if you are trying it for the first time.

3. Body Bling


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Champion body positivity with your love for glitter! Outline your stretchmarks, wrinkles and cellulite with body glitter to celebrate them, rather than dismiss them. Body glitter can also be worn on the parts of your body that are exposed, and catch the light, to elevate your body-glam aesthetic even more.

4. Glitter Pout


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You have fabulous drag queens to thank for bringing the glitter lip back! Created by topping glitter powder on top of a matte base, glitter lips are a one-time indulgence you can allow yourself for night outs. Always lock your glitter lip with a setting spray to avoid bleeding.

Pro tip: Apply a matte lip colour as your base for the perfect glitter lip, so the glitter glue can go over it without chapping off.

5. Brow Shimmer


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Unpopular opinion: glittery brows are far more superior than matte brows! Trends like soap and feathered brows can be elevated with glitter. All you need is clear brow gel, a spoolie, and glitter powder to create the look.

6. Glitter Clips


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Fashion’s favourite girls like Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa have brought back this 90s throwback trend, and how! They are edgy but adorable, a combination that 90s girls loved to rock! Glitter hair clips can be worn unapologetically, even if you are heading to work.

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