6 ways to wear bandhani this summer

Every season, we get a front row seat to the latest fashion trends presented on the runway. This summer, we saw two prominent schools of thought dominating the ramp — gender fluidity on one end, and hyper-feminine styles on the other. But don’t miss out on this popular Indian print that was celebrated throughout the runway this season: Bandhani.

A popular tie and dye native to the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan, bandhani is one of the oldest techniques of textile printing. Artisans tie sections of a length of cloth before dunking it into vats of colour. It is then processed, resulting in crinkled fabric speckled with tiny square-shaped dots in dramatic colors. Bandhani was originally created using natural colours, which is why the palette was usually limited to red, yellow, green and black.

On the runway, Malini Ramani used bandhini on dhoti pants and hoodie dresses. Nupur Kanoi professed her complete dedication to the print, using it on everything from blazers to dresses and pants. Savio Jon’s collection included a bandhani dress that you’re likely to see on every vacationing socialite.

Here are some of our favourite bandhani looks for the summer.

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