Can we hire this 6-year-old as a personal stylist? Advertisement

Can we hire this 6-year-old as a personal stylist?

One look at her and you would want to, too

By Shweta Gandhi  August 24th, 2017

Some people simply discover their calling early in life—and Japan-born Coco Hamamatsu is one such example. At an innocent age of six years, Coco has amassed a cult following of 225k followers on her Instagram who are obsessed with her unique sartorial skills. Yes, you read that right. Two hundred and twenty five thousand.

Coco, who goes by the handle of coco_pinkprincess on Instagram, learned about fashion from her parents, who own a funky vintage clothing store in Tokyo’s neighbourhood of Harajuku. Till date, Coco has been profiled by leading fashion magazines; she’s attended Chanel style sessions in Tokyo, and honestly, we would wear everything in her wardrobe.

The six-year-old girl openly professes her love for clothes. “What I like about clothes is choosing them. None of my friends dress the way I do,” she’s been quoted saying. Her fashion sensibilities are influenced by the trendy neighbourhood of Harajuku, famous for its eclectic street style, which is where she grew up. And while you’re still figuring out how to pair prints, Coco has learned how to pair colours like the pros. Oh, and did we mention she manages her Instagram account all by herself? “I’m very happy when I get new followers on Instagram,” she said. Us too, Coco, us too. 

That’s an open invitation for you—we’re sure you won’t regret it.

Take a look at Coco’s Harajuku-inspired style:

We're loving Coco's socks-with-sandals trend
Who knew these colours could work so well together?
Doesn't this feel like a painting by Picasso?
Coco giving us a 101 in How To Be A Bad Ass
We love that fluffy pink purse
Coco, the rockstar girl
Of pastels and minimalism
Take it from Coco—it's time to invest in a corset
Coco with American rapper Tygo
Do they make these in our sizes?
Versace for beachwear
What an 'ikea'
Coco and her Chanel
Nothing beats black
Pretty in pink