7 of your favourite celebrity proposal stories

When an official statement declared that Prince Harry was engaged to Meghan Markle, we could not have been happier for this couple we were all secretly rooting for. Now you may have assumed that the dashing prince may have popped the question at some romantic destination with dozens of roses and a band of live musicians. But on the contrary, Prince Harry proposed to Meghan in their cottage at the Kensington Palace, while they were casually preparing a dinner of roast chicken. Meghan was so excited, she didn’t let him finish the proposal, interrupting constantly to ask if she could say yes. 

Just like these royals, some of your favourite Bollywood couples also have entertaining proposal anecdotes. Abhishek Bachchan managed to sweep his then-girlfriend Aishwarya off her feet, when he asked her to marry him at his favourite spot in New York. And Kareena Kapoor apparently turned down Saif Ali Khan’s proposal twice before she gave in the third time he asked.

Here are 7 fascinating celebrity proposal stories that will make you fall in love. 

7 romantic celebrity proposals  

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