7 Homegrown Beauty Brands That Should Be On Your Shelf This Year

The homegrown beauty industry may, arguably, be the next revolution in the sub-continent. Who isn’t addicted to au naturale brands, especially when we’ve plenty of time to try most (read all) of the organic concoctions made proudly in India thanks to numerous lockdowns?

As beauty is immensely personal and different for different skin types, local brands are vocalising ayurvedic, greener and vegan initiatives that are not just skin-friendly but also eco-friendly. Amongst the quintessential ubtan to face elixirs dripping with 24K gold, these are our picks of cruelty-free beauty you need in your life. RN.

1. Ras Luxury Oils


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If you thought a farm-to-face label wouldn’t quench your skincare needs, you might want to reconsider. The 24K gold facial elixir with earthy oils like rosehip, pomegranate and saffron oozing with luminosity will give you the perfect glow. Ras (pronounced ruh-us) means essence in Sanskrit which is apt since it offers a range of wellness and skincare products rooted in Ayurvedic nourishment.

2. Ohria Ayurveda 


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Try their Shrikamya Beauty Body Oil for hydrating your skin with red sandalwood, kasturi haldi, almond oil, jojoba oil amongst others as natural ingredients and thank us later. Covering the trifecta – hair, skin and body, with handcrafted and organic ingredients bottled up in luxurious packaging, it’s the ultimate self-care from you, to you.  

  3. Pahadi Local


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Fancy an organic makeover from the foothills of the Himalayas? Introducing Pahadi Local’s source to bottle salts, tel (oils), exfoliants, honey, teas and more – all eco-friendly and without chemicals. The Markalak aka Himalayan clay mud pack with origins from lakes to orchards in the range, created by sifting and grinding methods will be your newest obsession.

4. Dr Sheth’s


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Crafted carefully for Indian skin tones, Dr Sheth’s hydrating, brightening, and repairing range of concoctions is cruelty-free and vegan and sustainably derived. Amalgamating science with beauty the brand understands our pigmentation and sensitivity-prone skin needs and offers hyaluronic acid and neem as clarifying solutions among others. What’s not to love?!

 5. Juicy Chemistry


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A chemically concocted potion with ingredients from the Nilgiris mountain range and the Dead Sea, YES, please! It’s a happy new year for all sustainability savants, as JC serves the holy trinity of face, body and hair with cleansers, toners, oils, serums, masks, scrubs (and I can go on…) certified organically. As if that wasn’t enough, JC’s idiosyncratic shopping lets you choose products based on your skin types, saving you hours of mindless scrolling. You’re welcome. 

6. Daughter Earth


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Who doesn’t love an ecologically conscious beauty line enthusiastically donating to girl’s education?! Yep, thought so. An alchemic union of green biochemistry and ancient Ayurveda is the brand’s USP for formulating effective skincare sans any harm. Daughter Earth’s infamous Eternal Youth Rejuvenating Serum is worth the hype. A hybrid of tamanu, sandalwood, rose, and wild sea buckthorns, this is a facial oil that facilitates microcirculation.

7. Just Herbs


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If you’re *only* into skincare or *only* into makeup – Just Herbs will convince you to try the other. The brand specialises in an array of skincare and makeup, aka bespoke Ayurvedic products.  For a healthier, nourished scalp try the Shirolepam hair and scalp treatment mask.

As we order some (read all) of these beauty bottles for routines in 2021 remember you can never have too much conscious beauty on your dressing table. Happy Natural 2021 everyone!

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