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8 strange rules Meghan Markle has to follow once she becomes a princess

Marrying a Prince v/s the seafood platter

By ELLE team  March 13th, 2018

If you are one of those ladies who have been brainwashed by Disney, you may want to know what happens post the ‘happily ever after’. As Meghan Markle has found out, marrying Prince Harry and entering the British royal family means having to bid goodbye to her sexiest clothes, bedazzled nails and Instagram following. Family game nights will no longer include Monopoly and the seafood platter may never be the same again. At least she got the tiara, right? Well, Meghan Markle can only wear it after 6 pm.

British royals from Kate Middleton to Prince William are required to follow all the rules set by the Queen. Which extend to codes of conduct as well as what they can wear. You may want to sit down for this one, but remember: Never cross-legged.

8 rules that Meghan Markle must follow after marrying Prince Harry:

Wear a bright manicure

Your red manicure probably hurt your chances with Prince Harry more than you’ll ever know. Female members of the royal family must always have their nails painted in various shades of nudes or light pinks. Neutral colours are all they’re allowed to play with.

Have social media accounts

That’s right, we’re probably never going to see another cute girl gang photo of Meghan Markle and Priyanka Chopra ever again. The princess isn’t allowed to have any personal social media accounts for fear that private information might reach the public. Instead, the Kensington Royals have official accounts managed by a team of professionals. You can bet they don’t post which designers the princesses are wearing.

Eating shellfish

More specifically, oysters and mussels. So if you're planning on sharing that seafood platter with Meghan, you may want to think again. This specific shellfish can cause allergies and if not stored properly, can even become poisonous.

Play Monopoly

It’s not just you and your bestie who get aggressive during a competitive game of Monopoly. It’s princesses too. At least we assume that’s why royals aren’t permitted to play Monopoly at the palace. The game is said to be too competitive and aggressive.

Sign autographs

There’s no point in investing in those jewel-encrusted pens. The British royals aren’t allowed to sign autographs for fear of their signature being forged on official documents. They are only allowed to sign official documents and visitor’s books.


Forget about going backless or flashing a plunging neckline — sweatshirts and sports bras are out too. Say goodbye to casual Fridays. As a princess, your new wardrobe would have to be modest and elegant.

No hats after 6PM

When the sun comes down, the hats come off. Royal etiquette states that after 6 pm, it's time to swap your hat for a tiara to public events. The tiara was used as an indicator of a lady's marital status. So next time you don't want to get hit on at a nightclub, you may want to throw on a party tiara.

Work in an office

Looks like Rachel will never be a lawyer. Princesses are forbidden from working in an office as they are required to make multiple royal appearances on an extremely tight schedule. Before her marriage, Kate used to work at her parents' company but had to give it up to fulfil her royal duties.