7 fun facts we learnt from the music launch of Veere Di Wedding Advertisement

7 fun facts we learnt from the music launch of Veere Di Wedding

Anand's reaction to Sonam's sexy look is the best

By Shweta Gandhi  May 23rd, 2018

If there’s one rule of nature we’ve accepted about events that involve celebrities, it’s that they never start on time. The music launch of Veere Di Wedding proved the rule and started fashionably late, with the Veeres finally arriving in their Instagram-melting designer wear, just in time to alleviate the boredom. There’s a limit to the number of pineapple drinks you can consume in one evening, after all.

But the Veeres and their revelations made it worth the wait. Here are 7 surprising things we took away from the music launch of Veere Di Wedding:

1. The Veeres have a WhatsApp group called ‘Hot Mess’

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As confirmed by Rhea Kapoor. And when she was asked about the sort of (dirty) conversations that take place, she said it’s better not to comment. Hmm. 

2. Ektha Kapoor went on a keto diet after seeing how hot Sonam and Kareena looked in the movie 

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The producer revealed that Sonam and Kareena gave her the motivation to re-start her keto diet. At this point, Kareena’s abs seem capable of launching diet books, curing Ebola and signalling world peace.

3. Swara Bhaskar’s character Sakshi is a wild, wild one

“I’ve done and seen so many things while shooting the movie that I’ve never done in my life,” said Swara. That includes watching sexy women pole dancing in a club in Thailand… and then giving it a go herself.

4. Rhea Kapoor is a staunch feminist 

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“Boys and girls are equals. That’s the literal meaning of a “feminist” if you look it up in a dictionary,” Rhea retorted to a male interviewer who questioned her stance on the movie not being a chick flick. She even went on to say, “Girls are just like you — they’re just prettier.” You go, girl.

5. Anand gave the most authentic reaction to Sonam’s sexy look in Tareefan 

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Let’s be honest. At the end of the day, after you’re done with your day job of dolling up, letting your hair down with your girlfriends and dancing with two other boy toys, you want to come back home to a partner who is your biggest fan. In Sonam’s own words, Anand Ahuja’s reaction was: “Baby, you look hot.” We knew Anand was a feminist, but brownie points to him for being a feminist who’s not insecure.

6. Kareena’s most enjoyable moment from the movie is quite hilarious

In one of the scenes, Kareena’s character Kalindi accidentally pushes her to-be husband off a crescent moon prop that’s hanging from the ceiling at their wedding ceremony. Oops. “I’ve never had the opportunity to throw an actor off the moon,” laughed Kareena. 

7. Veere Di Wedding’s second name could literally be Ladies vs Labels 

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“I’ve been brought up by a strong mother and a progressive, liberal father, which helped me be myself and produce a movie like this that has the protagonists swearing, smoking and openly discussing their sex lives. The movie reflects life,” Rhea said. Ektha added, “Rhea and my father went to the censor board to get the movie approved, and that just goes to say that if my father can go, it means that he, as a man, is happy to support the female-centric movie.”

So there we go. The movie releases on June 1. Make sure you leave your outdated notions and stereotypes at the cinema door.