7 tweets that are way too real for girls who love red lipstick

While dark lips maybe the beauty trend of the season, the classic red lip is evergreen (or ever-red?) It has the power to instantly amp up the confidence level of any outfit, alleviate a bad hair/skin/life day. But as life affirming as a perfect red pout can be, it is also very easy to get terribly, terribly wrong. The struggles that people who love wearing red lipsticks go through are too many to count, but here are 7 tweets that perfectly capture the emotions of mastering the red lip:

This beauty mantra that you need to repeat over and over again. 

These incredibly useful hacks you wish you had known sooner.


The ugly truth.

Our ‘Life Goals’ list probably looks like this:

The savage reply we need to dole out the next time we hear this:

The relationship advice that resonates deeper than any other.

Want to know if your favourite lipstick has made it to our hall of fame? Stay tuned for the big reveal of the Elle Beauty Awards 2016, on 5th October.

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