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8 best teeth whitening kits

Shine bright

By Hannah Morrill  September 1st, 2017

Sure, if you’re careful enough you can avoid staining those white pants but your teeth aren’t nearly as lucky. Your morning coffee alone is responsible for some of the mild discolouration on your pearly whites, the glass of red wine in the evening is responsible for the rest of it. And if those home remedies  aren’t helping and a dentist isn’t an option you may want to check out some of these home whitening options:

AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Pen, Rs. 3,693

An impressive 44 percent carbamide peroxide lightening agent takes effect in just one minute to dissolve all manner of stains. (Avoid eating or drinking for around an hour after each dose.) Get it at ebay.in


Crest 3D White Whitestrips with Light, Rs 10,358

The company's very best whitening strips are further activated by ten minutes under blue LED lights. Used for ten days in a row, and you'll enjoy the kind of results other people comment on for up to three years. Get it at ebay.in


Colgate Optic White Professional Take Home Kit

While this kit will take you an extra step to track down—it's only sold through dental offices—the easy-to-use trays and nine percent hydrogen peroxide pens will bring on noticeable results in three days. Get it at colgate.com


Curaprox Black Is White Toothpaste, Rs 5,422

Rather than tapping harsh chemicals, this Swiss hygiene brand relies on activated charcoal to absorb stain particles without any bleaching agents. Get it at NinthAvenue


Apa Beauty White Duo, Rs 9,596

Developed by New York City cosmetic dentist Michael Apa, a one-two punch of an activating whitening pen and stay-put film lightens teeth in 90-minute sessions over five days flat. Get it at net-a-porter.com


Glo Science Glo Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device, Rs 14,073

A hydrogen peroxide gel is accelerated by powerful blue light; only eight minutes total makes it ideal for those of us who don't have to time for extended sessions. Get it at sephora.com


Go Smile Sonic Blue Teeth Whitening System Toothbrush Set, Rs 8,253

Here, the hydrogen peroxide in the toothpaste is zipped up by a blue-lit, sonic toothbrush that vibrates and glows for three-minute increments. Get it at kohls.com


Tom’s of Maine Luminous White Clean Mint Natural Toothpaste,Rs 475

Another option for those of us who try to avoid sketchy chemicals, this natural blend uses hydrated silica to safely abrade stains without disturbing your enamel. Get it at LuckyVitamin