8 Christmas Movies To Watch For Some Serious Holiday Cheer

This is a safe place for all those who started watching Christmas movies and putting up decoration during late November. We’re in this together, and for all those who didn’t, stop! What the hell are you talking about? (do my best Billie Eilish impression). For those who are not perfectly normal like us and are finally catching up to speed, there are a plethora of Holiday movies you need to watch over the long Christmas weekend.

Stock up on the hot-coco and candy cane, put on your fuzzy socks, turn on your Pinteresting fairy lights, wear the ugly sweater since there are no Christmas parties (hello Covid!) and get cracking. Now down to some serious order of business – classic or new flicks? How about mixing it up this time. Pro tip: always begin with Home Alone, it’s a crime not to, but you totally miss the third part, we are Macaulay Culkin Loyalists. After you’ve begun your binge-session the holy way, you can switch between the yesteryear favourites and the currently trending ones. To make your lives furthermore easy, we took matters in our own hands. Following two days of thorough research, strictly for work and no personal pleasure, we’ve narrowed down the eight best Christmas movies you should watch.

Get in loser; we’re going on a Christmas movie binge-fest!

  1. Home Alone 1 & 2

Christmas Movies

Unless you’re living under a rock or didn’t have access to the TV while growing up, there’s no way you could have missed watching Home Alone. A film that has kept Macaulay Kulkin popular and relevant even 30 years after its release. It’s a story of a kid that gets left behind while the rest of the family leaves for their annual Christmas vacation. In the second edition, the family finally remembers to take him along, but because of a last-minute goof up on the airport, Kevin Mccallister ends up on a different flight to New York.

2. A Christmas Prince 1, 2, & 3

Christmas Movies

If you love romance, clichés and princes from fake, made-up lands like Aldovia, this one’s right up your ally. It has all the right ingredients: two good looking protagonists from different parts of the world, falling in love when their worlds collide. In this case, the boy is a brooding prince who feels he isn’t prepared to take the throne and is wrongly projected by the media. The girl is your regular New York journalist who wants to uncover the mystery. What happens when they meet? Well, watch the movie.

3. The Grinch

Christmas Movies

It’s the classic tale of a grump who goes on a mission to steal the Christmas. Don’t we all have that one pessimist, joy-stealer in all our lives? But The Grinch is not entirely about that; it’s about the change of hearts. On his cynical journey, he meets a sweet little girl whose warm spirit takes over his cold heart. In the end, the joy of Christmas finally gets to him. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

 4. Holiday In The Wild

Christmas Movies

Disclaimer: I started watching this for Kristin Davis (our perfect miss Charlotte York) but ended up staying for the cute baby elephants. Like her character in Sex and The City, Kristin plays the perfect New York wife and mother whose world revolves around her family. But in true 2020 style, everything in her world turns upside down when her husband of two decades decides to divorce her after their son leaves for college. Davis then goes on a solo second honeymoon to Africa, and never really returns. Watch the movie to find out why.

5. Elf

Buddy (Will Ferrell) is accidentally transported to the North Pole as a kid and is raised by Santa’s elves. When something didn’t feel right, Buddy sets on an adventure to New York, in the classic elf get up, to search for his birth father. As fate would have it, Walter Hobbs (James Caan), a cynical businessman turns out to be Buddy’s father. What follows is a hilarious turn of events when Hobbs tries to mend his relationship with childlike Buddy. It’s a laugh riot!

6. The Princess Switch

Far from the real world, there are two Vanessa Hudgens, living two separate lives. One is a shy, girl-next-door baker in America, the other is a confident Duchess, who is about to marry a prince from another country and become a princess. In an improbable coincidence, the two quite literally bump into each other and trade places to experience the other person’s life. Brb! Looking up for my doppelgangers on the internet.

7. Holidate

It’s hard being single, but what’s harder is being single over the holidays, especially when you meet the family and they interrogate about your dating life. Emma Roberts played the single gal in this hilarious flick, who strikes a deal with a hot stranger to become her date, but just for the holidays. Modern problems require modern solutions, ladies!

8. Operation Christmas Drop

Christmas Movies

A goody-two-shoes assistant to a politician is assigned a task to monitor the functioning of a remote Air Force base that is designated for a shutdown. But on arrival, she discovers a kind-hearted (extremely good looking) officer who not only changes her perception about the base but also makes her fall in love with the tropical Christmas.

For a feel-good holiday season, watch these Christmas Movies this weekend, and then get back to your regular programming of crying about life from Monday.




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