8 Fashion Trends From ‘Friends’ That Are Still Relevant

Friends, a ’90s classic that still sets the internet into a frenzy, has released the much-awaited reunion episode. And as we geared up for it by re-watching all the seasons, as any true fan would, we realised that while its humour can come under questioning, its fashion is classic. Each of the characters had a distinct style that was specially designed around their personality.

Rachel Green, the feminine-chic urban girl who worked in fashion. Phoebe Buffay, the free-spirited bohemian dresser. Monica Geller, the pack-leader with an androgynous style. Chandler Bing and Joey Tribbiani the goofballs with basic street-style fits, and Ross Geller, the nerd who occasionally sports leather. The star-studded cast were trendsetters, and even today, some of these trends are relevant and wearable. Here’s our pick of the top eight fashion trends popularised by Friends that are still in style in 2021.

1 Slip Dress


Remember these printed and solid-coloured slip dresses worn by Monica and Rachel? Of course, you do, as they are still trending almost 30 years later. Even the way it’s styled hasn’t changed a lot – dainty necklaces and ’90s staple claw clip, and you’re good to go.

2. Androgynous Fits 


Monica rocking that shirt from the men’s section with straight-fit jeans and white sneakers is the ultimate Gen-Z fashion uniform of today. Also, props to her for getting the centre-part memo even before it was cool.

3. Modern Athleisure 


Rachel and Monica’s sporty style was always on point. Rachel preferred boxy t-shirts, joggers and baseball caps. Monica was all about that sports bra and bicycle shorts action. Their gym and on-field looks can easily pass off as the contemporary street style of today.

4. Boho-chic Outfits 


Phoebe was the original thrift and upcycle queen. She wore recycled necklaces, DIY fringed jackets and patched denim before it became a part of the conscious fashion culture.

5. Polo-Neck And Plaid 


If I could steal something from Rachel’s wardrobe, it would be all of her workwear. The plaid skirt and sleeveless polo-neck tank are still worn by women who like sprucing up their boardroom attire.

6. Blazers On Skirts 

Blazers, but make it the Phoebe kind of quirky. Her eccentric style always stood out from the rest, and today it is a trend. Pleated skirts or maxi skirts with crisp blazers is the ultimate day-to-night outfit.

7. Oversized Dad Shirts 

Chandler championed the oversized printed shirts and boyfriend jeans combination back in the ’90s. Today, the anti-fit shirt is genderless and preferred by women and men of all ages.

8. Tennis Skirt And Boots 

The tennis skirt has made a comeback, but Rachel styled it first in the most New Yorker way. Broad belt tucked in a black blouse, and a pair of knee-length leather boots became her signature ensemble during the later seasons.

Which of the cast member from Friends dresses most like you? If you’re a mix of Monica, Rachel and Phoebe, give an aye!

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