8 Places Delivering Artisanal And Gourmet Modaks To Your Doorsteps This Ganesh Chaturthi

We’re going to admit it. One of the reasons we look forward to Ganesh Chaturthi is to binge on modaks! Filled with nostalgia, the delicious sweet takes us back to childhood days where we’d gorge on them without keeping a track of how many we consume. NGL, we still do this; can you relate?

Growing up, we’ve had our fair share of traditional Ukadiche Modaks (steamed rice dumplings filled with jaggery and coconut shavings) and classic pedas. Today though, patisseries and sweet shops have us spoilt for choice with modern versions that are equally delicious, keeping the festive spirit alive. Think bonbons, cheesecakes and gluten-free options, but in modaks! Whether you want to pop a few of these yourself or gift them to your loved ones, here’s where to order artisanal and gourmet modaks to your doorstep.

1. Sassy Teaspoon, Mumbai And Pune

With three enticing flavours, this dessert shop gives a sassy spin to its modaks in the form of Kesar Peda Cheesecake, Chocolate Barfi, and Kopra Pak & Ruby Chocolate. Talk about giving Indian flavours a contemporary twist!

Price: ₹445 ++ (Box of 6), ₹795 ++ (Box of 12)


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2. Le Pure Chocolatier, pan-India

Give your classic pedas a rest and indulge in chocolate modaks this year. Le Pure Chocolatier offers artisanal modak bon-bons in innovative flavour combinations such as the India-inspired Rose and Pistachio Praline, Saffron Ganache, Salted Caramel, Espresso, Coconut & Almond Praline, and Nostimo Hazelnut.

Price: ₹450 (Box of 6), ₹900 (Box of 12)

Deliveries are available in Maharashtra, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Gujarat and Indore.

3. Yogisattva, Mumbai

Here’s how you can work around your dietary restrictions and still binge on modaks guilt-free! Opt for Yogisattva’s limited-edition vegan and refined sugar-free menu. It offers 6 flavours, namely Vegan Coconut Modak, Vegan Coconut & Mango Modak, Vegan Besan Modak, Vegan Rose Besan Modak, Vegan Chocolate Walnut Modak, and Vegan Chocolate Orange Modak. Bonus points to it for also offering an assorted box of these.

Price: Starting from ₹699 to ₹1099

Delivering from September 9

4. Bombay Sweet Shop, Mumbai

Staying true to its purpose of reimagining traditional Indian sweets, Bombay Sweet Shop brings exciting flavours to its Ganpati collection. Pick from a zingy Kaju Pineapple Modak with a spiced jam that’s inspired by Pineapple Sheera; a gooey Chocolate Fudge Modak with silky dark chocolate ganache; a bite-sized version of their signature Bombay 3 Layer Fudge; and the sumptuous Puran Poli Modak. We’re drooling already! You can also choose the dessert shop’s Motichoor Met Modak Box, which offers both modaks and motichoor ladoos–the more the merrier, right?

Price: ₹750 to ₹1690

Delivering till September 20


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5. Arq, pan-India

Did you ever think Shahi Paan could be a flavour for modaks? Nor did we, but Arq Mithai is surprising us with this spiced beetle leaf combination along with other edgy creations–Satvik Saffron, Khoya Pista, and Mathura Special Modaks in an assorted box. The experimental foodie in us is curious to try them all!

Price: ₹2100 for a box of 800-850 g

Available to pre-order only till September 10


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6. Khoya, New Delhi 

The capital’s renowned mithai shop is now delivering, albeit, within the city. Satisfy your sweet cravings from Khoya’s range of modaks that include Coconut Khoya, Filled Kesar, Walnut & Pista, and Chocolate Chip Modak.

Price: ₹1,800 (Box of 12 with 4 of each flavour)


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7. The St. Regis Mumbai

The hotel’s kitchen has curated a decadent mix of classic, chocolate-based and Indian-inspired modaks. Our recos: Iranian Pistachio, Turkish Coffee, and Kashmiri Cashew & Saffron.

Price: ₹300 ++, ₹1000++ and ₹1900++ for boxes of 4, 12 and 24 respectively.

Delivering till September 19

8. Ether Atelier, Mumbai

Deviate from modaks but keep its flavours alive in your celebrations—opt for an off-beat sweet. Case in point: Ether Ateleir’s Moriya collection. Inspired by  traditional Maharashtrian modak-making, chef Prateek Bakhtiani has created two unique cakes, the Moriya Coco (a delightful rice pudding, fresh coconut and cashew), and Moriya Mango (a rice pudding with mango and saffron).

Price: ₹1,850 for 550 g

Delivering from September 8 to 20 

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