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8 things women do better than men, according to science

Looks like even the best man had no chance of winning

By ELLE team  August 7th, 2017

While the two sexes have been battling it out for more years than most men will live for, the lab coats decided to get together and define what exactly it is that women do better than men. And it turns, that’s a lot. Woman are genetically programmed to kick men’s butts — and egos — at everything from living longer to communicating with man’s best friend (ex-best friend?). So men, next time you decide to shame a girl for doing something ‘like a girl’, you may want to remember that the fairer sex has been doing everything from coding to investing better than you. According to science. 

8 things women do better than men, says science

Women talk to dogs better than men

It’s not just you that your boyfriend has trouble understanding, apparently it’s also his dog. A recent study showed that women are more likely to decode a dog’s growl than men. The professor who conducted the experiment explained that due to a possibly heightened sense of empathy, women are more sensitive to emotions and can so better associate the context of a pooch's communication. 

Women are better learners

Ever let a boy cheat off you in a test? Well it’s probably just fair to help even the playing field considering that women are scientifically proven to be better learners than men. A study (probably conducted by women) found that because of their classroom behaviour, women may receive higher grades than men. Women tend to want to learn more, be more flexible and organized, all of which are the desired approach to learning. You think men would stop trying to brain shame us by now but we guess they'll never learn.

Women are the cleaner sex

This seems like a no-brainer, but we'd hate to be sexist and assume. Luckily, Dr Chris van Tulleken from the Brit Lab doesn't leave anything to chance. The good doctor found that 93% of women washed their hands after using the restroom, as compared to only 77% of men. Additionally, a study published in the Washingtonian found that men's office spaces were dirtier than that of their female colleagues, with almost 10% more bacteria on desk surfaces. 

Women evolve better

Which means that you went from being a monkey to being a more attractive monkey than men, faster. A study surveyed 2,000 people over four decades of life and revealed that women are getting better-looking through evolution, while men are more or less staying the same. That's right, attractive women are more likely to give birth to an attractive daughter as their first child.

Females know how to invest better

The She-wolf of Wall Street needs to be a movie. The investment firm, Fidelity, found that female investors exceed males by 0.3% in 2016, according to CNN. While women have surpassed men in investing for the last three year thanks to adopting the “buy and hold” method, women also tend to be more fearful. Take risks, ladies.

Women make more efficient coders

Maybe Penny from The Big Bang Theory should have been the nerd in the group. According to a study conducted in 2013, women are more competent coders than men. Code written by female coders is preferred by techies as compared to code written by men, but only if they don’t know it’s the work of a woman. Talk about an ego issue.

Women multitask better

Not that a study was required for this piece of information but women can multitask better than men. We bet the women conducting this study were also painting their nails, doing their bank work and shaming their husbands the whole time.

Women are just better at living, it turns out

That’s right the one thing everyone was born to do, men aren’t so good at. Women live five to ten years longer than men. We bet you’re going to be grateful for all that sound investment in your early hundreds!