8 viral ‘100 layers of make-up’ videos that are weirdly fascinating

The internet has proven time and again that it’s a wild and wonderful place filled with hilarious cat videos and crazy viral challenges. The latest viral challenge has beauty vloggers slapping on 100 layers of make-up on their faces. It all started with Simply Nailogical’s #PolishMountain video and has since taken on various (horrifying, and even mildly fascinating) forms, from Joey Graceffa’s 100 coats of Kylie’s Lip Kit to Jenna Marbles’ 100 layers of EVERYTHING!

Here are 8 of the best (craziest?) ‘100 layers of make-up’ videos that took over our timelines:

1) 100 layers of nail polish by Simply Nailogical

Beauty vlogger Christine Rotenberg started this viral trend by creating, what will go down in the pages of history as one of the Greatest Gifts by the Internet, the mighty Polish Mountain, with over 100 layers of nail polish. Because, why not?


2) 100 layers of Kylie Lip Kit by Joey Graceffa

There are some heroes who wear capes, and then there are those who try on 100 layers of Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit so that you don’t have to. (As if getting one Kylie Lip Kit wasn’t hard enough.)


3) 100 layers of foundation by Jeely

Have you ever wondered how your face would look like after applying 100 layers of foundation? If yes, then ask yourself why…If you still want to know what would happen, then check out Jeely putting on 100 coats of foundation on her face!


4) 100 layers of liquid eyeliner by WhatWouldLizzyDo

What’s better than a perfectly executed eyeliner wing? A perfectly executed eyeliner times 100! Look ma, steady hands.


5) 100 layers of highlighter by Alissa Ashley

Another wild addition to the list is vlogger Alissa Ashley applying 100 coats of highlighter. The video should come with a warning; it gets weird as the layers progress!


6) 100 layers of mascara by Nicole Skyes

If you think applying a coat of mascara tough, then imagine putting on a 100 coats! Dare you to take your eyes off vlogger Nicole Skyes.


7) 100 layers of liquid lipstick by Mayratouchofglam

Beauty vlogger Mayra must embarks on a crazy, goopy (very goopy) adventure.


8) 100 layers of EVERYTHING by Jenna Marbles

If you thought the ones above were crazy, check out Jenna Marbles with her ‘Ultimate 100 Coats of Things’ video.


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