9 people who are begging for a medal Advertisement

9 people who are begging for a medal

#IShouldGetAMedalFor trends even as real winners take centre stage at Rio 2016

By Salva Mubarak  August 8th, 2016

There are winners and then there are those who feel like winners. In all the excitement surrounding Rio 2016, we came across this hashtag #IShouldGetAMedalFor, because everyday heroism needs to be celebrated too. Or maybe they were just feeling left out of all the real excitement. Either way, it’s led to some hilarious results. Here are our top picks of people who truly deserve a medal stat!

1. The one who had to overcome devastating beauty odds


2. The one who summed up the biggest #BeautyStruggle


3. The one who had legit talent (that will definitely come in handy one day)


4. The one who had a Pokemon GO win so incredible that it lays waste to all other wins


5.  The one who fought to get your efforts suitable recognition


6. The one who is basically all of us


7. The one who raised the question: Is there really a wrong way?


8. The one who survived against all odds…


9. The one who will make you yell ‘ME!’