14 times Alia Bhatt nailed braids Advertisement

14 times Alia Bhatt nailed braids

The actor seems biased towards braids but we’re not complaining

By Sahil Singh  October 19th, 2015

A good hairdo can make or break your look, and Alia Bhatt got the memo. Fortunately, she’s not afraid to have a bit of fun with her look. She seems to be carrying the fresh, adorable look she sports in her movie Shaandaar through the promotions. Even hairstylist Ayesha DeVitre has ensured that every new day brings a new hairdo, whether its a half-hair braid, ponytail braid, side-swept fishtail, or a rope braid. Alia Bhatt’s Instagram account is full of these experiments. We love how she’s making it her go-to look for any occasion. More #HairGoals for girls everywhere! 

Photographs: Instagram/Alia Bhatt