A banana bread recipe so easy that you would want to make it every week

If the pandemic had an official snack, it would be banana bread. It’s the best way to salvage some browning bananas while keeping your sanity alive. This easy-to-make bake has been one of the most Googled searches in recent times. But what is it about this dish that has everyone donning their aprons and getting to work? Perhaps it is the sweet aroma of caramelised banana goodness wafting through your home, or the familiar scent of fresh bread. Or just the fact that seeing your labour of love come to life gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Now, if I have tempted you enough to get baking, let me also save you the hassle of heading out to buy the ingredients. Mumbai-based Ether Atelier Chocolat’s DIY bake along kits come with measured ingredients that you would need to bake a delicious loaf. Currently, chef Prateek Bhaktiani offers three kits – Ghanaian chocolate chip banana bread, oat macadamia lemon cookies, and smoked flourless dark chocolate cake.

I had the opportunity to try the banana bread kit. The recipe comes with a sugar and spice mix, flour, orange flower honey and passionfruit jam, luscious Ghanaian dark and milk chocolate chips and pecan nuts. All you need is butter, eggs and bananas (darker the better).

The kit comes with a detailed recipe and chef’s tips. The instructions were easy to follow. Even little children interested in baking can bake the dish (under supervision, of course). The prep time and baking time was accurate and the result was a beautiful loaf of moist banana bread that my family and I enjoyed over two days.


1) Add butter (110gms, room temperature) to a bowl and whisk till it becomes soft. Add the sugar and spice mix from the kit and whisk until light and fluffy.

2) In another bowl, mash the bananas and add two large eggs, orange flower honey and passionfruit jam and mix it together.

3) Now add the banana and jam mix to the whisked butter, sift the flour and fold gently.

4) Chop pecan nuts, chocolate chips and add it to the mix.

5) Bake in a loaf pan for 40 mins, then cover with foil and bake for an additional 25 mins.

Banana Bread

6) Allow to cool and enjoy with butter.

Banana Bread

The kits can be ordered through Scootsy, price: INR 1500

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