A Big Congratulations To These Women For Their Win At The Asian Wrestling Championships 2021

Each day headlines talk of more tragedy and loss than the day before. In times like these, one positive news can go a long way in reminding people that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Making us beam with pride, Indian athletes have won laurels at the Asian Wrestling Championships 2021, held at Almaty, Kazakhstan. Possessing enviable speed, energy, determination and courage, each of them deserves to be applauded. 


Vinesh Phogat and Anshu Malik have won the maiden championship titles. Following suit, Divya Kakran and Sarita Mor have also won a gold medal in their respective categories. Divya is the second Indian woman, after Sarita Mor, to have won two gold medals at this meet, one of which was in the 68kg category in 2020. Sakshi Malik has bagged a silver medal, while both Seema Bisla and Pooja have won bronze medals. Vinesh shared an Instagram post celebrating her win. “Medal number 8 from the Asian Championship in the bag. Happiest to be back on the mat and getting three strong bouts under the belt! Preparations heading in the right direction. Great to be competing on the Asian stage again. Now time to refocus and kick off another intense phase of training,” she wrote. Anshu Malik, too, shared a post congratulating Vinesh while also acknowledging the effort they put into the game. 

With seven medals in all, out of which four were gold, one was silver, and two were bronze, Indian women have proven their mettle yet again. While the world grapples with the second wave of Covid and its disastrous consequences, achievements like these are a reminder of strength and perseverance.

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