A guided tour of Sonam Kapoor’s new app

Sonam Kapoor’s new app goes where Instagram, Periscope, Snapchat and Twitter have never gone before. The actor just pulled a Kardashian and launched an app to give “Sonaholics” exclusive access to her at all times. “One of the most enjoyable things about what I do is getting out there, meeting people and hearing reactions to my work. My App means I’ll now be able to keep in touch and share experiences with fans worldwide, even when I’m busy filming,” says Kapoor.

We downloaded the app to bring you the complete low-down. First up, the menu: It has categories like My Life (her timeline) Sonam Live! (for live-streams), My Tribe (a gif-enabled comment board for her fans), Style Mafia (where she dissects trends and offers DIY tips) Workohol (feat. behind the scenes videos from the sets) and Chronicles (which has pictures from events she’s attended, magazine covers and her films).

The live-stream feature requires a strong connection, or you’ll find yourself mesmerised by the buffering wheel – and a litany of comments from her followers. You can join in and chat, but only if you get there first. The chat section currently allows only 200 users at a time. 

My Tribe is Kapoor’s sweet way of telling her fans she’s listening. We love that you can leave comments with gifs!

So far we’ve keenly watched make-up artist Namrata Soni create stand-out looks for Kapoor. You can tune into the Style Mafia section, and check out looks she’s crushing on, coupled with easy tricks and tips. While Kapoor loves her labels, she’s not above sharing some fun DIY tips via this section too – the latest one is about making your own ‘90s-style choker. 

Chronicles is an assortment of her movie posters, events she’s part of, and magazine covers she’s graced. We would’ve liked a chronologically arranged timeline, to feed our FOMO and keep up. Also, you occasionally stumble upon a pixelated image, which isn’t what you’d expect from an app that offers exclusive access.

The timeline, My Life, is the most arresting feature. Kapoor shares pictures, recipes, and even her workout secrets.

So does this mean she’ll be getting off Snapchat or Instagram? Not yet. But get ready for a lot more click baits!

Download the app for iOS via Sonam-kapoor.net or click here for Android devices  


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