Absolut India's new limited edition bottle is a tribute to India's tiger population Advertisement

Absolut India’s new limited edition bottle is a tribute to India’s tiger population

Featuring an intricate tiger motif

By Shweta Gandhi  July 22nd, 2018

They’re fierce, they’re strong, they’re India’s pride — the tiger is our national animal, and now, we’re home to a majority of the world’s tiger population. For their second limited edition bottle, Absolut India joined hands with artist Ajay Boga to create a stunning vodka bottle emblazoned with an intricate tiger motif that celebrates conscious conservation efforts that have ensured India is home to 70% of the globe’s tiger population.

“Over the years, Absolut has used art and creativity to drive positive change. With the tiger motif on the limited edition bottle, we want to celebrate India in a unique manner and re-emphasise the importance of the tiger,” says Kartik Mohindra, Chief Marketing Officer, Pernod Ricard India.

Absolut India

It’s not only the tigers that need our support — it’s the forest guards who take care of them as well. As a way of giving back and supporting tiger conservation, Absolut India is providing renewable energy to 180 anti-poaching camps so that the guards can live a safe and secure life sans danger, and continue their efforts in saving the tiger population and its ecosystem.

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