Designer Sidharth Chawla on working with legends like Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein Advertisement

Designer Sidharth Chawla on working with legends like Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein

At all of 22, Chawla is already a force to reckon with

By Divya Gursahani  November 16th, 2017

Born and raised in New Delhi, 22-year old accessory designer Sidharth Chawla has already ticked names like Marc Jacobs and Proenza Schouler off his job list. The Parsons graduate is currently working at Calvin Klein on their Pre-Fall 2018 collection and acts as a design consultant for jewellery brand Outhouse. ELLE caught up with the fashion tornado and he had a lot to say…y

On leading a skill training programme to empower women in India: “I teamed up with MasterG, which runs the programme, to teach women from impoverished backgrounds how to make bags so they can be financially independent. More than instructing, I focused on opening up their minds to innumerable design possibilities- why a bag is stitched the way it is and the lifestyle choices that affect this. Ultimately they helped me create my final collection for Parsons.”

On his final thesis project for which he designed a line of leather bags and shoes: “It was a protest  against the sexual repression and creative censorship that women have been facing since centuries. I worked with a lot of traditional as well as modern techniques like punching holes, laser cutting and cutting by hand. I chose to leave the leather raw to make a greater impact.”

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Siddharth’s leather bags and shoes collection 

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Siddharth’s leather bags and shoes collection 

On working for Porenza Schouler vs Marc Jacobs: “Marc Jacobs leans more towards street style as compared to Proenza Schouler where the design always draws influences from art and history. The former might be older as a fashion house but the latter certainly has more pedigree.”

On his favourite creation: “The Fall/Winter 2016-17 accessories collection at Proenza Schouler really spoke to me. I received my real education while working for the design house.”

On the Indian designers he loves:  “I think Misho by Suhani Parekh has very forward thinking designs. I also wear a lot of Dhruv Kapoor as I adore his aesthetic.”

On when he is going to debut his own line: “When I have enough to say and enough to sell and no one else is saying it or selling it, I will launch my brand. Accessories first, of course. If clothing comes along it is definitely going to be an extension.”

On his plans to move to India: “When I want to expand my current projects, I will shift production to India. For me it is imperative that everyone in the production process should have a voice- the current method is instruction based- from first world to third world countries. I want to change that and make it inclusive.”

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