Why you’re prone to acne breakouts and how to stop them

Tired of your acne popping up on the one day that you need it not to? Continuous breakouts are a menace, but you can’t always pawn off the blame on stress. Sure, carrying the weight of Gotham on your shoulders isn’t doing much good to your stress levels, but there’s a lot more that could unknowingly be aggravating your acne.

We got dermat Dr Kiran Lodhia to dispel some more of her home truths on all the reasons why your skin is continuously breaking out. You may not like what we discovered, for the most common causes have been hiding in plain sight all along.  

6 reasons why your acne breakouts just won’t go

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5 acne-fighting products that actually work

The key to fighting acne successfully is to keep your skincare routine simple. Add these products to your kit to get to the bottom of this menace.

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