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6 actors who are just like their on-screen characters in real life

Emma Watson is basically a Disney princess who helped defeat Voldermort

By ELLE team  April 3rd, 2017

For every Robert Pattinson who wastes no opportunity to distance himself from the 104-year-old vampire Edward Cullen in Twilight, there’s an Emma Watson who couldn’t be more like her on screen characters, Hermione (Harry Potter) and Belle (Beauty and the Beast), if she tried.

Sometimes art imitates life, and more often than not, we see actors portraying characters that are an extension of their real selves.

Emma Watson and other celebrities who are basically their on-screen characters

Charlize Theron

The South African model-turned-actress is easily one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. And yet, Charlize consistently portrays characters which force you to look past her beauty and contend with her fierce, complex intelligence. She won an Academy Award for her role as a serial killer in Monsters, which not only saw her gain almost 13 kilos, but also undergo beauty treatments like shaving off part of her eyebrows and thinning and frying her hair.

Her most iconic characters aren't ‘likeable’, but tenacious and assertive. By her own accounts, Charlize has gone to great lengths cornering directors and manipulating her way into roles that she wanted. The athletic actress isn’t afraid to take on roles that can be physically demanding, like her now-iconic turn as Furiosa in Mad Max:Fury Road.

Gina Rodriguez

Much like her character Jane Villanueva (Jane the Virgin), Gina Rodriguez knows the importance of staying true to her roots and not letting society box you into a stereotype they find comforting. The fact that Gina rejected a starring role in Devious Maids because it presented Latinos in a bad light, and works hard to create a safe space for girls like her to realize their ambitions, is proof enough that Gina shares more than a few characteristics with her onscreen avatar. Jane, in between all the baby drama and murders, actively stays far from any tropes associated with Latinos in media. Both the actor and the character present a relatable role model to young girls, not only of Mexican descent, but across races and regions.

Kristen Stewart

While Kristen Stewart’s ‘too cool for school’ status nowadays might have made her signature awkward mumble enviable, it was not always the case. The Twilight actress is, by her own admission, painfully shy and that results in her awkward stance. This made her consequently stone-faced performance the butt of jokes that originated from the mess that was the vampire movie franchise. Kristen says that she instantly related to Bella Swan because of the common feeling of being perpetually out of one's comfort zone. Bella’s reserve and discomfort in being the new girl who has everyone’s attention resonated more with her than any other character she’s played.

Emma Watson

HeForShe founder Emma Watson is an active supporter of women’s rights and has started her own feminist book club. Sounds familiar? Maybe a young muggle witch who decided to take on the mammoth task of getting house elves equal rights as their magical peers? Or a girl from a provincial French town whose head is always buried in a book, except when she's standing up to bullies? Emma Watson IS Belle and Hermione.

In an age where celebrities aggressively promote everything from herbal teas to waist trainers on social media, books and reading is not the worst thing to spam your followers with. There’s no question that Emma Watson can easily be Bella or Hermione in an alternate universe... if you ignore the spell casting and hinted bestiality.  

Evanna Lynch

Being called ‘the crazy one’ in a world where people talk to portraits and run around waving sticks understandably requires you to be a special level of weird and Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter) is that and more. That Evanna Lynch immediately felt connected to the character before she even auditioned for the role of the kooky witch just goes to show why nobody could have played the role better than her. And, as it turns out, they have more in common than one may have imagined.

Luna knows she is different from other kids her age and even when it’s made apparent to her through bullying and isolation, she doesn’t stop helping them. Evanna, who overcame years of battling anorexia, is now actively involved in helping people who are dealing with eating disorders to get help and recover. Boundless compassion and lateral thinking are not the only things Evanna finds in common with Luna. According to reports, it was her hand-made ‘eclectic’ jewellery that got the attention of the casting directors and sealed the deal for her. Luna, who is known for her off-beat accessory game (carrot earrings, remember?) even wore an original Evanna Lynch bracelet to the Slug Club’s party in Half Blood Prince.