Alexander Wang’s Adidas shoes are cool, but the real question is: Who’s benny?

We were having a quiet day at the office. Just a regular day with mails, meetings and more. But then something happened that would change the course of the rest of the day for us. It all started when news of Alexander Wang’s collaboration with adidas Originals popped into our inbox. While perusing through the images of the collection, something caught our attention. One little clue had us captivated.

Adidas Benny2

The tattoo on the model’s leg burned deep into our collective consciousness and refused to let us blindly waddle along with our ordinary lives. Cries of help echoed off the walls of our office, as people scrambled helplessly to figure out ‘Who the hell is benny?’ 

To try and ensure life resumes as normal, we put on our thinking hats to decode this urgent mystery. Dear reader, won’t you join our quest to #FindBenny:

Benny is the girl’s lost pet

Dog cute

The universe works in mysterious ways and this might be one of those instances. Our strongest theory is that benny is the model’s missing dog or goldfish and this is her silent plea to the world to help reunite her with her best friend.

The girl wanted to show Eggs Benedict some love


Now while this might not be as heartbreaking as a lost dog, it’s no less important. There’s a small, but powerful, minority in the world that is fighting to give breakfast food the importance it deserves. The fact that the model is proudly proclaiming her preference for Eggs Benedict is empowering to those who are fighting the good fight.

Benny is the name of the company that created her


This radical theory is based on the assumption that the girl is a genetically engineered humanoid and benny is either her manufacturer’s name, because branding is important, or it’s her identification name.

Benny is not a person, but a thing

Beauty and the ebast objects

The fact that the ‘B’ in benny is lowercase suggests that it might not be a proper noun. Benny can be a table, for all we know, or the girl’s favourite arm chair.

Benny is a metaphor


The quest to find benny is the quest to find happiness in our lives. Because in the end, aren’t we all just looking to be permanently inked onto a beautiful person’s legs so that we can feature in an international campaign?

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