adidas Originals’ Instagram sneakers

Wouldn’t your favourite photo, tinted with the Valencia or Lo-Fi filter, look fabulous on your sneakers? In a world obsessed with Instagram (we’re pleading guilty here), it’s totally doable. Come August, adidas Originals will allow you to print your most Instagram-worthy photo onto your ZX Flux sneakers, with their newly developed photo-printing app, miAdidas. Just a word of caution: Choose those photos wisely – that half eaten burger from lunch or the view from your room – because you’re literally going to be wearing it.

The sportswear brand announced their latest venture on Instagram (no surprises there) and we’ve already been going through our Insta album looking for that perfect picture. If your picture-taking skills are lacking, choose from any photo on your feed. And if you don’t follow any cool people on Instagram (namely, us) now would be the perfect time to start.


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