Why the adidas PulseBoost HD makes for the perfect city running shoe Advertisement

Why the adidas PulseBoost HD makes for the perfect city running shoe

Swerve with ease

By Tatiana Dias  July 18th, 2019

Stability is key when running in a city like Mumbai. With numerous obstacles in the way, it becomes rather difficult to maneuver yourself when you’re in the groove. Hoards of people, construction lining the streets, traffic lights, and happy dogs, all come in the way of maintaining your pace, making running in a city rather difficult. Step in adidas’ latest addition, the PulseBoost HD—a shoe that’s especially designed for urban runners.

So, what makes the PulseBoost HD special? 

Cool new sole: If you spend most of your time dodging people side-to-side rather than moving forward, you will realise that you require shoes that will help you do this easily. The new Continental Adaptive Traxion rubber outsole present on the shoe gives you the necessary grip when changing direction suddenly, whether you’re on dry or wet surface.

The boost factor: The brand has tweaked its original and popular Boost foam (an element present in their running shoes) with the Boost HD. Essentially, the HD factor has been engineered to provide better stability when you cut corners on the streets. If you’re one to run on a busy street, the foam let’s you do it comfortably, without disrupting your pace.

The knit factor: Like most of adidas running shoes, the upper shoe is made of Adapt Knit. Designed to stretch in order to accommodate your foot, this feature comes in play especially when changing directions or stopping suddenly. Plus, it fits your foot like a glove, making running in streets a breeze.

The shoe also comes with a barcode on the tongue, which automatically connects you to a playlist curated to pump up your run. With a snug and comfortable fit and durable sole, you’re bound to have an exhilarating run on the streets with these shoes.