AIB’s Irrfan Khan party video & other earworms

If you’ve spent the last couple of days trying to stop humming All India Bakchod’s party anthem to end all party anthems, welcome to the club. It’s the plague of the idiotically catchy parody, and no one escapes its path. So despite all that’s memorable about AIB’s video—Irrfan’s deadpan rapping and the hilarious nailing of every single Bollywood party cliché, including the champagne bottle jerk-off—what will stay with you the longest is that stupid, nonsensical chorus. Which is kind of the point they’re making. Take a bow, guys.

Parodies can take on a life of their own. Here are three others that will completely replace the original hit in your head. You’ve been warned.

College Humor takes a red pen and edits the Alanis Morrissette classic that we loved in the ’90s before we looked up the meaning of ironic.

It’s like raaaaain/Flooding an umbrella factory


People who call themselves grammar Nazis are usually bores. But if they could set their pet peeves to a chart-busting tune, they too might get 26 million views on YouTube, like Weird Al Yankovic’s take on Blurred Lines.


The last gem is the brightest of them all and funnier even than the AIB video—and this one was out two years ago. Catch it before they take it down again. This is Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart, like you’ve never heard it before. 

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