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This is Aishwarya’s go-to beauty look

The star’s favourite make-up artist, Mickey Contractor, tells all

By Hasina Khatib  January 30th, 2017

She’s made questionable beauty choices and lived to tell the tale. But Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s off-duty beauty preferences run to classics. “A good winged eye and a bright lipper are her weapons of choice,” reveals Aishwarya’s go-to make-up artist Mickey Contractor. Whether dropping her daughter Aaradhya to school or strolling through the airport like she hasn’t just got off a zillion-hour flight, Aishwarya chooses not to hide behind her sunnies, instead letting her glowing skin and finely arched brows take care of the rest.

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Aishwarya Rai’s off-duty beauty looks

Aishwarya's boho look took a raincheck on accessories and kohl, instead using a generous hand with the liner and red lipper.

All-white is a good look when you're ushering in a snowy Christmas; but for normal days, we recommend breaking the monotony with a pop of colour: a coral red or bright orange lip colour should do the trick.

Hiding those pretty peepers behind oversized sunnies? Aishwarya will be having none of that. Her trusty matte lipstick and steady hand with the liner, as always, rushed to her rescue.

But when the weather does demand sunglasses, Aishwarya chooses to play up her pretty pout with a dash of red.

Further proof as to how on-point this look is can be found in Aradhya's blissful, isn't-my-mommy-the-bestest smile.