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Aleppo needs our help

This is the greatest human rights tragedy of our time

By Rochelle Pinto  December 15th, 2016

Imagine your every waking moment filled with the sounds of gunfire, shelling and the dying screams of your neighbours. Try and comprehend the feeling of not knowing if you will wake up the next day, or be buried alive under the rubble of your bombed-out home. Aleppo, one of the greatest human rights tragedies of our time, lives with this reality every hour of the day. And we cannot — must not — ignore it any more. 


Here’s how you can help Aleppo in a real way 

Donate to The White Helmets

A volunteer-based search and rescue initiative that operates within the worst-affected parts of Syria, The White Helmets are a group of ordinary Syrian citizens who’ve saved thousands of lives since the civil war began. They were nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize this year, and despite losing out to Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, have managed to inspire donors across the world to raise over $1 million to fund their rescue efforts. Critics accuse of them of political partisanship, but cannot deny that The White Helmets are among the only groups that offer a glimmer of hope to the victims of Aleppo. Donate here

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Donate to Doctors Without Borders

According to reports, this international volunteer-based organisation runs 6 medical centres across northern Syria. It also provides support for 150 other medical centres, of which 8 are in Aleppo. Non-partisan and apolitical, many of the organisation’s doctors have been killed in the attacks. This doesn’t stop the survivors from rebuilding hospitals and continuing to save millions of lives. Donate here

Donate to UNICEF

The UN organisation is organising food and supplies on the ground for Syrian children. According to the UK Metro, “In Syria alone last year, Unicef was able to give one million children clothing kits, thermal blankets, school heating, and vouchers for winter supplies.” Donate here

Donate to Karam Foundation 

Co-founded by Syrian-American Lina Sergie Attar, the organisation supports displaced Syrian children by funding their education and providing funds for their rehabilitation. They are currently sponsoring 15 schools in Syria. Donate here.  

Donate to UNHCR

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has been involved in the crisis since it began 5 years ago, by rehabilitating and providing on-ground assistance to survivors of war crimes. You can choose to set up a monthly contribution or make a one-time donation on their website. Donate here.