In case you hadn’t heard, Alia Bhatt had a breakthrough style year Advertisement

In case you hadn’t heard, Alia Bhatt had a breakthrough style year

Presenting the breakout style icon of 2019

By Shree Vrinda  December 27th, 2019

To no surprise, Alia Bhatt went hard on style this year. Ever since those photos of her wearing that standout sapphire hued jumpsuit went viral, we knew Alia was prepping to step up her style game even further, wearing one stylish yet accessible ensemble after another.

She wears a lot of denim, walkable heels, and chic layering to pull it all together, which are easy things to work into one’s wardrobe. And while many of her looks are designer, she makes a point to incorporate pieces from high-street labels such as Mango and Zara. This year, the 26-year-old looked cool, effortless, and always appropriately dressed for every occasion, whether it was hitting the red carpet or walking around Rodeo Drive. 

Here, we review Alia Bhatt’s best fashion moments in 2019:

We are guessing this is Alia Bhatt's version of lazy-day dressing.
Alia did not play it safe this year—edgy drazers were one of the many cool styles the star pulled off with finesse.
Plaid, but make it fashion. This dress resembled the DIY runway project of our dreams, only it was (way) better.
Taking inspiration from Alia on how to pull off all-white in winter.
All hail the queen of monochromatic looks.
If there's one thing Alia can pull off with no effort, it's pantsuits. Red carpet, on the weekend, to dinner, any scenario—the star has mastered these tricky sets.
Boho with an Indian touch? We're taking notes.
LBD with a pop of pink, not to forget the boots which, TBH, are the real stars of this ensemble.
This sequin number tops the list of outfits we're copying ASAP from Alia.
We present to you, Alia Bhatt in the coolest jumpsuit you'll ever see.
Just when you figured how to pull off pantsuits, Alia Bhatt went ahead and made it more innovative (with little help from Moschino). 
Word to the wise: Do not DIY this at home!
This ensemble truly marked the return of crop tops for us.
Bring on the bling, baby! Alia Bhatt in a fringe-y skirt is always a good idea.

Photographs: Instagram