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Alia Bhatt: Little Miss

We caught up with the adorable actress and spoke about everything but presidents

By Ridhima Sapre  September 12th, 2014

There’s something about Alia that’s endearing. She’s not the girl-next-door and makes no attempt at pretend humility. But something about her unrehearsed, not-thought-through answers is refreshing, even if they got her meme-level infamy. Unfortunate gaffes aside, Alia Bhatt is young, headstrong and pretty – and the perfect MNY girl. We caught her during lunch break for a quick chat:

ELLE: What’s the best part of being the face of Maybelline New York?
Alia Bhatt: The fact that I really relate to the brand, so whatever product I endorse, I actually believe in. Plus, you get all these free goodies! I know that whenever I’m doing a Maybelline New York campaign, I’m going to look good. And it’s always nice to look glamorous and beautiful.

ELLE: What’s your personal make-up style?
AB: The one rule that I always go by is ‘less is more’. Not in terms of how much you use, but just sticking to one thing at a time. I make sure that the entire look is balanced; if I’m doing something interesting with my eyes then I make sure that my lips and the outfit I wear go with it. It can’t be all different colours; brown nails, pink mouth, purple outfit and black smoky eye – that would be a bit much.

ELLE: So you’d match your lips and nails?
AB: Yeah, why not. But you have to break it in some way, maybe with your shoes. I do feel you shouldn’t overthink a look. People can tell when you’re trying too hard.

ELLE: Would you do something crazy – like shaving your head – for a movie if necessary?
AB: That’s a very good question, but I’ve never been able to answer it. I love my hair.

ELLE: But hair grows back…
AB: (Considers it, then catches her hairstylist shaking her head furiously) My hairstylist disagrees! No, I don’t think I will. I mean, never say never, but it’ll be a big decision. Like, it’ll be as big as asking me to… (thinks for a moment) I can’t think of a statement to go with that. I really love my hair, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to do that. 

ELLE: Or maybe shave your eyebrows.
AB: No! I would never do that. I mean, why! There’s make-up and Photoshop for that.

ELLE: Where do you go to get your haircuts? Do you have a favourite salon?
AB: I don’t really go to salons. Everybody just comes to me! I don’t mean to sound too bratty, but I just never have to go.

ELLE: If you had to binge on your diet right now, what would you eat?
AB: To be honest, it’s been a while since I really wanted to binge because I’m so satisfied with the meals that I’m having. But off the top of my head, I’m a big aloo fan, so anything with potatoes – it can be chips or French fries. Honestly, right now, I’m not in a bingeing headspace.

ELLE: As a celebrity, do you feel the pressure to have make-up on and look good all the time? Even if you’re, say, at the gym.
There is pressure, but I don’t really give in to it that much because I dress for myself. I think people like the fact that you look normal and tired sometimes, instead of glamorous. People connect to that and I feel like that’s something that makes you more real.

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