Alia Bhatt's lust-inducing look is a godsend for short girls Advertisement

Alia Bhatt’s lust-inducing look is a godsend for short girls

How to magically add inches to your frame

By ELLE team  December 4th, 2017

Diminutive Alia Bhatt posing for photographs next to leggy Katrina Kaif is every short girl-tall bestie problem summed up in one photo. So can your outfit magically add those inches to your petite frame that Mother Nature didn’t? Alia has this down to a science. 

Exhibit A: A figure-hugging pencil skirt (this one’s from Zara) with bright shiny vertical stripes that create the illusion of length, while also slimming the body. Toss in a thigh-high slit and you’ve basically mastered the cheat sheet to supermodel legs. 

Alia Bhatt Katrina Kaif

Exhibit B: Alia’s ankle-strap heels keep most of her foot exposed, which in turn creates a longer line for the eye to follow. The only way she could have improved on this look — specifically to make herself seem taller — was if she had chosen a pair of nude sandals or pumps to blend in with her skin tone and seamlessly complete the visual trickery. 

So how’s Alia feeling about her look? We think that Edie Parker clutch pretty much sums it up…

This is Alia Bhatt’s exact diet 

Don’t chase after everything you read online

“Everyone’s talking about gluten-free pizza, brown bread and red rice, about reducing their carb intake, and I’m eating white bread and butter at 4am. Rujuta showed me how local food eaten in moderation can be healthy,” says Alia.

Don’t skimp on the basics

“Her schedule and hours will keep changing. She will have rigorous dance sessions, action shoots and emotionally taxing days. She needs to look fabulous through it all,” elaborates Rujuta. She delivers on that by ensuring that her client is kept well-fed and happy, with pizzas and junk food figuring in the lineup too, but in moderation. Alia has thus far been a model student and never skips her rejuvenating glass of sugarcane juice post-workout, a habit that she shares with Kareena Kapoor Khan.

After the new momma saw Alia pose on Instagram with a glass of sugarcane juice, she rang up Rujuta to ask if she’s on the same diet as her. It has been an inside joke between the two ever since; “Kareena keeps singing ‘Rujju, Rujju’ to me at parties, and now, I do the same with her. We’re going around spreading dietary joy,” dimples Alia.

Sugar ain’t your enemy

Rujuta recalls the jawdrop she got when she recommended Alia to swap out the honey in her nimbu paani with a spoonful of sugar and saffron. “Ever since Rujuta told me that the drink is great for my hair too, I don’t skip it. Not having sugar or salt gave me cramps; it’s harmful to give it up entirely,” she explains.

Keep it natural

Yes, you’ve heard that before. So has Alia, and she ensures that her daily fluid intake involves lassi and chhaas made out of purely organic milk. Mommy Soni Razdan goes a step further to ensure that the milk is delivered in glass bottles instead of plastic packs. What will you get in return for indulging your sweet tooth? Sugar acts as a natural coolant and helps cool down the body temperature after working out.

Oh, and the miracle diet has been hiding out in your kitchen all along

“I make my paneer and dahi from that organic milk too and consume it fresh. It works as a natural fat burner and gives me a good skin tone. It’s my job to look fabulous,” laughs Alia. So what makes it to her daily lunchbox? “Dal khichdi and curd rice are my favourites with a spoonful of ghee,” she adds.